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 The demarcation of Formentera is the line that the Coast Department of  the Balearic Islands has drawn to define which properties are included as coastal public land and which properties remain private.

 The problem arises from the fact that this new line (new demarcation) has included in the public domain many buildings that were originally private property without strictly following the criteria established in the Coast Law to be included as public concerns. It has also ignored the tremendous negative impact that this is going to have for the economy and the people of the island in the future.

 Finally, the 1988 Spanish Coast Law states that all buildings included in public land (hence, those buildings included in the demarcation) pass to the Spanish Government, and forfeit their private status and after 60 years will be bulldozed (in 2057). All owners affected lose their properties and do not receive any financial compensation in exchange; merely a free concession for the use of the building following destruction.