To predict with certainty what tomorrow will bring is an impossible task. But there is something we know already: the massive expoliation that has taken place in our island will bring more harm than good to Formentera and its people.












And please forget about the possibility of selling or renting your property! Because it is no longer yours!!!





When they destroy all buildings included into public domain (3 hotels, more than 25 groups of apartments), the tourism capacity of the island will dramatically decline. It is likely that we will then see an increase in illegal tourist schemes on the island to address any supply & demand imbalances.


Another important aspect to consider is the likely associated decline of the quality of the associated tourism industry Where will you find a bar-restaurant in Migjorn or in Levante in good shape? All you will find are beach-bars (administrative concessions granted by the Coast Department for huge amounts of money) constructed in wood and with an inadequate bathroom structure.




To leave such huge extensions in public hands (about 30% of the island) means a higher risk that in the future you could see further reclassification of these protected spaces, in the event of political change.


As a result, we wouldn’t find it strange if in the future the Administration unveils plans to construct a harbour in Migjorn or a macro-hotel complex in Illetas (both cases are just hypothetical but always possible)…


On top of this, it should not be forgotten is that all affected business are generators of work opportunities on the island, and moreover have a positive influence for the domestic economy as a whole. Ie more tourists, more tax revenue…


According to this Law, all buildings classified as public property will have to be finally destroyed, which will be a highly negative omen for Formentera’s future… So, if laws have any meaning for the people they are supposed to serve, then please think about the consequences for Formentera and its inhabitants.